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Scientific Performance Technologies for Business

At AnMar Management Inc. (A.M.I.) we apply only human performance technologies to your business to achieve exemplary results.

At A.M.I. we specialize in Performance Management as an example of a performance technology. Performance Management has been well defined by Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels as a branch of Applied Behavior Analysis (Baer, Wolf, Risley - 1968) that focuses on the workplace. Applied Behavior Analysis has as it’s subject matter behavior, or what people do. Since all business results are accomplished by what people do, the study of behavior should be of utmost importance to leaders and managers in organizations. Applied Behavior Analysis relies on the fact that human behavior is scientifically well understood, and Performance Management derives it’s techniques from Applied Behavior Analysis.

At A.M.I. we build our knowledge from over a century of the scientific research of Behavior Analysis. All our human performance technologies are firmly rooted in this science because, we believe that science is the best truth we have on any subject matter. Let’s use Performance Management to illustrate this point. As defined above, Performance Management applications have been conducted since the late 1960s, in a variety of non-laboratory settings like business, industry, and government, with validated measurable results. Unfortunately, there have also been “other” generalized and abstract approaches, like Performance Appraisals, claiming to be “Performance Management”, and, because they are not firmly rooted in science no validated measurable results have been recorded to date? At A.M.I. our knowledge is derived from the scientific study of human behavior and the applications of our human technologies are firmly established by this knowledge.

At A.M.I. we are not in the business of reinventing science. We are in the business of applying powerful human performance technologies derived from this science. These performance technologies are applied with the same precision as a Scientist or Engineer to improve your business results.

At A.M.I. we have applied powerful process technologies like Performance Management for over fourteen years in businesses with the same scientific approach:Business Workbook10

  • A precise definition of the performance to be improved.
  • Identify the measurement requirements of the performance.
  • Develop the information and confirmation feedback systems for performer learning, adjustment, and improvement, and
  • Create precise and positive consequences for the work environment to cause performance change, and to accelerate it.

At A.M.I. we also offer instructional programs in what we call Performance-based Technology Training which utilize the same behavioral technologies to accelerate learning for business training. For example, we offer courses like Performance Management Fundamentals to help leaders and managers quickly apply Performance Management techniques so they can start getting better and consistent results from their people.

Also, if you are unsure of how to identify the specific performance improvement opportunities in your organization and would like to quickly evaluate the potential value of these opportunities to your business, A.M.I. can help you clarify these opportunities with our Performance Audit service.