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The first steps in Performance Management is about being precise about what results we want from people, and being precise about the subsequent behaviors that are defined by, or produce, these results. Once we have pinpointed these critical variables, we are ready to develop human performance measures. The measurement provides vital data about the performance to help us objectively interpret progress. Once these steps are taken, we turn our data into useful information/confirmation about our performance. We get confirmation from the information fed back from our results on how effective our relatively immediate behaviors were - did they move the results up, down or did the results stay the same? This is accomplished with a powerful information system known as performance feedback. Finally, or more technically we need to apply the powerful controlling independent variables of behavior - consequences. To ensure we maximize the effects of behavioral change we must apply proper targeted consequences for the performance. This is the cause of behavioral change which produces the business results. Here is a simple model which illustrates all of these critical elements together:

Model of Human Performance

To maximize performance in any organization all of these critical elements should be in place for each performer.

Take the simple Questionnaire to assess if your company has these performance elements in place to maximize itís performance. Also, if your interested, read some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to learn more about how Performance Management differs from traditional management approaches.