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Performance Management Consulting:


Performance Management Consulting is a systematic, data-oriented, and technology based approach to managing people in your organization to achieve exemplary results. Performance Management has been well defined by Dr. Aubrey Daniels as a branch of Applied Behavior Analysis that focuses on the workplace. Applied Behavior Analysis has as itís subject matter behavior, or what people do, which is how all business results are accomplished.


At AnMar Management Inc. our Performance Management Consulting service is primarily focused on achieving exemplary business results by applying proven and positive behavioral change technologies. We use Applied Behavior Analysis techniques and always start by clearly identifying the critical business results you would like to achieve. We emphasize techniques such as Positive Reinforcement to cause performance change, accelerate consulting2performance, and create a positive work environment. A typical Performance Management solution would include precisely developed results and behaviors for performers (pinpoints), clearly defined human performance measurement requirements, built out effective performance feedback systems, and targeted positive reinforcement plans tailored to specific performer(s). We also implement evaluation designs to help validate the cause-effect of performance change, and to further evaluate the effectiveness of the Performance Management solution. Performance Management consulting is NOT performance appraisals, management by objectives (M.B.O.), a one-size-fits-all recognition and rewards program, a stock option program, 360 degree feedback, or a management style program. To help you draw the distinction between these types of programs and Performance Management go to the Assess Your Company web page to get a better understanding of the differences. For some case studies demonstrating Performance Management consulting applications visit our Business Results page.


Performance Management consulting has been applied in a wide range of businesses, industries, and government for over forty years, and validated against measurable results. Some of the areas of successful intervention include Engineering, Information Management, Manufacturing, Safety, Sales, Customer Service, and Research and Development. One of the misconceptions of Performance Management is that it can only be applied in a manual globe with business people07labor business environment. Performance Management has not only been applied to several professional related office jobs, it has also been applied to creative jobs like Researchers as well. If you can identify behavior, which is in every organization, you can apply Performance Management techniques and achieve measurable results. The techniques of Performance Management can produce results quickly and for the long term, while creating a positive working environment. Some applications of Performance Management have demonstrated increased measurable business results, quarter-over-quarter for longer than twenty years. The ability for Performance Management to produce short term and long term results is testament to a scientifically based solution.

At AnMar Management Inc. we apply our capabilities in performance technologies like Performance Management to help your organization achieve measurable and demonstrable results. Contact us if you would like some specific questions answered about this service, or to arrange a presentation for your management.