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Performance Management Fundamentals (A Scientific, Systematic, and Data-oriented Approach to Leadership and Management)Register Now

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Traditional leadership and management courses typically attempt to teach on “behavioral” topics such as conflict resolution, personality typing, team building, and even management “styles”. This should raise a couple of key questions for the trainee. Are these skills firmly grounded in a behavioral science, and if so, can their effectiveness be validated with measurable business results? The answers to these questions lie in traditional management philosophies that seem to promise “hypothetical” approaches, and fail to realize that managing by emotion, perception, and even common sense is not managing at all.

Science consistently teaches us that things do not operate simply by how we casually perceive them. Managers in business still seek the latest nonscientific “quick fix” management theories because, ironically, the previous “quick fix” management theory isn’t working or has simply faded away. What if a scientific management approach consistently offered a multiple range of solutions to almost every problem business is facing, for both the short term and the long term, while yielding excellent results every time? And what if this scientific management approach applied to people, the most critical and common element towards achieving your business results? Join us in learning a leadership and management approach which is firmly rooted in science, and not a personal art form. Performance Management is Applied Behavioral Analysis science to business.

This course presents proven process technologies for supervisors, managers, and executives to achieve measurable and sizable organizational results by managing your most critical resource, people. This course primarily focuses on the key elements of how to precisely identify human performance in organizations, how to objectively measure it, how to properly increase human performance with feedback systems, and how to cause performance change and accelerate it through the powerful consequential process of positive reinforcement.

During the course session participants will learn the scientific underpinnings Performance Management is rooted in. The technology components of a powerful Performance Problem Solving Model for Business are taught, and illustrated through your own personal cases. This course is designed to teach leaders, managers, and supervisors on how to effectively manage performance of people in organizations, and to introduce participants on the techniques of how to interpret, predict, and gain control over performance systematically in any organizational setting. Participants will also learn how to maximize performance by managing consequences and how to precisely create a positive work environment.

A light breakfast, lunch and course materials are provided. Ancillary reference material for interested participants, like at home “Behavioral Analysis Science” learning software packages, can be distributed as requested.

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 Course Outline:

  • Science, Human Behavior and Business Overview
       The A, B, C Model of Human Behavior
        The Four and the Fifth Behavioral Consequences
  • The Performance Problem Solving Model for Business
  • Performance Planning - Pinpoint Precision Techniques in Business
  • Measuring Human Performance
  • Performance Feedback Systems
  • Consequence Management - Applying Positive Reinforcement and Other Consequences

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