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Performance Measurement Techniques (Requirements, Methods, Instruments, and Point Systems)Register Now


In business, as in science, measurement is used to objectively solve problems and help leaders and managers make critical decisions. In Performance Management we are interested in measuring human performance for similar reasons. Often in business, managers and employees believe human performance is to complex to be effectively measured. The belief that more complex performances like Engineers, Doctors, Researchers, and Leaders are not subject to measurement and quantification arises simply from lack of knowledge on how to do it. When we consider all of the potential benefits we gain through measuring human performance, we must throw away our belief that it can’t be done and look for effective ways in which it is done. Rooted in applications of Behavior Analysis science, very precise measurements on behavior and precise measurement methods of performance have been developed over decades of study. Of course, in performance, we need to measure results precisely as well. Both methods of measurement (behaviors and results) share common approaches. Behavior Analysis science has also revealed the myths of measurement’s role to performance change. Leaders and managers who believe that “what gets measured gets done”, will be “short changed” when it comes to managing performance. In Performance Management measurement is critical to changing performance, however, in its systematic approach it uses data to build feedback systems and help managers decide when to apply the proper consequences that truly cause performance change.

In this course participants learn how to build human performance measures from their first steps of a pinpointed performance plan (results and behaviors). The participants will be moved systematically to the next critical step in managing performance - how to get objective data to gauge performance progress through measurement. Ideally, participants should already have the skills to pinpoint performance before taking this course. However, the course is designed to first elaborate on the techniques of Pinpointing because of the significant role pinpoints have in building measurement systems. The course will also look at the various overriding business measurement requirements, like Quality, for human performance and use tests that validate which requirements apply to the specific performer’s role. Finally, participants will learn measurement methods like counting, measurement instruments like checklists, and finally building reliable human performance scorecards and effective point systems.

A light breakfast, lunch and course materials are provided. Ancillary reference material for interested participants, for at home practice and learning, can be distributed as requested.

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 Course Outline:

  • Pinpointing Fundamentals Review (The Challenge of Measurement)
  • Performance Measurement Requirements in Business
  • Refining, Testing and Validating Measurement Requirements
  • Performance Measurement Methods
  • Performance Measuring Instruments
  • Building Effective Measurement Point Systems

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