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Performance Management Questionnaire:

How would I know if my company is doing the best it can to maximize performance? Answer these questions and find out:

  1. In my company I have specific and clear results defined that I can control for my job role?
    • My job is fairly dynamic and my results often change.
    • I know my results but other people can stop me from accomplishing them.
    • I have a pretty good idea of what I need to accomplish.
    • I know the most important result I need to accomplish on my job, I have sole control for it, and I even know the few sub-accomplishments that support my result.
  2. In my job I know precisely the critical on going things to do to help me deliver my results?
    • I pretty much take every day as it comes. I try my best to figure out what to do then.
    • My manager tells me what to do pretty much every day and I run with it.
    • My job is pretty complicated. I pretty much use trial and error to see what works.
    • I have a very specific list of things I do which offer me clear direction, and I get frequent confirmation from data that these things support my results.
  3. Performance measures of my job are well defined and allow me to collect objective data about my performance every day?
    • You canít measure my job. Itís to complicated. I really donít have measures.
    • I receive a performance appraisal yearly or quarterly which generates a number.
    • Iím measured basically on the quantity of things I get done. So I try to document everything Iíve done.
    • I have clear measuring instruments to allow me to collect data daily on my results and supporting behaviors. I even have a performance scorecard which scores my overall performance which I update as required.
  4. When I am working I receive frequent and useful information which helps confirm how well I am performing, and tells me what I need to do next to improve my results?
    • I pretty much feel things out. If something seems to be working Iíll try it again.
    • My company is big on 360 degree feedback. I rely on that process to give me information on my performance, however, it is done infrequently.
    • I receive performance feedback during my yearly or quarterly performance appraisal.
    • I have an individual feedback graph which confirms my results and helps me trend out my performance as I work each day. It tells me how well Iíve done and how much better I can do.
  5. When I perform I clearly know what my goals are (level of performance), and can easily accomplish them?
    • My department has goals, but Iím still trying to figure out what my individual goals are.
    • My manager helps the team set quarterly goals and then we are left on our own to reach them.
    • Everyone on the team has the same goals, but management seems to keep stretching them every time. It seems difficult and frustrating to reach these higher goals each time. It rarely happens.
    • Each individual on our team has clear short term goals. These goal levels are specific to each person as well as tailored to each personís current level of performance. People seem to easily beat their goals.
  6. When I am performing I receive fairly frequent-and-specific recognition and appreciation for the things I am doing well?
    • I am usually told ďitís my job and thatís why they pay meĒ, so I donít usually expect much more.
    • We have bonuses, stock options, and other perks. If the company does well then we are all rewarded in this way.
    • I typically try my best each day. Usually we wait for performance appraisals to hear from our managers because they are extremely busy. I usually get appreciation at review time.
    • I receive recognition and appreciation for the right behaviors, and I am rewarded directly for my specific results. Iím confident each time my performance improves I will be recognized for it.

Each of the above questions targets some of the critical elements of maximizing performance like: a pinpointed performance (results and behaviors);clear human performance measures; a performance feedback system; and positive targeted consequences for performance. The answers are progressive in nature with the last answer giving the best approach to maximizing performance. After answering each question, you should be able to get a reasonable assessment of how well your company is doing at maximizing performance.

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