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Performance-based Technology Training:


Performance-based Technology Training represents a set of procedures based on Behavior Analysis science to accelerate learning. The procedures determine if, when, and how an instructional program might be improved to facilitate and increase the accuracy and speed of the trainee’s responses (behaviors like answering questions to course subject material). Behavior Analysis science in training uses response measurement, feedback and positive reinforcement to increase learning “fluency”. Learning fluency is the ability to recall and respond without hesitation, even after long periods of no instruction.

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Questions about the value returned from our large investments in business training is seldom raised by leaders and managers of organizations. If we simply define human performance as the ability to respond (behavior) to situations in order to achieve desired results, then; in our efforts to achieve higher human performance through training shouldn’t training programs be precisely developed for the performance they are seeking to enhance? Simply put, all business training programs should be developed so we are clear as to what we are getting (enhanced human performance) for what we are spending (all training expenses). This is what Performance-based Technology Training is all about. Performance-based Technology Training uses Behavioral Analysis science technologies to increase learning rates while targeting the precise human performance, both results and behaviors, business is seeking to enhance.

When we pay for knowledge, we pay for three basic things:

  1. The analysis and development of a training program (lectures, materials, etc.)
  2. The delivery of a training program (instructors, facilities, management, etc.)
  3. The trainees (wages, benefits, overhead, lost productivity, etc.)

The amazing distribution of these costs may not be so apparent:

Trainee Costs

Delivery Costs

Development Costs




Typically the largest cost factor, trainee costs, hardly factor into management decisions about training budgets. Usually delivery and development costs are what management budget for and therefore come under periodic scrutiny. And if management views training as a cost center, unsure on how to measure it’s true value, the threat of lost training budgeted money is kept busy by keeping workers in a classroom. The unfortunate product of this is to drive trainee costs even higher and the value of training even lower!


The real value in training comes when we view training as a “profit center”. What if we develop and deliver a training program where we can measure it’s true value by not only decreasing the time trainees spend in a classroom (trainee costs), but also increase the on going impact of the trainee’s work performance? That is what Performance-based Technology Training strives to achieve. It is focused on getting back far more worker performance than all the costs put into training. Its uses are virtually anytime an increase in knowledge and performance, through training, is required by business.

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