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Performance Management Training

Performance management training uses applied behavior analysis science to develop targeted business performance improvements. AnMar Management Inc. (AMI) offers performance management consulting, performance management system audits and performance management training seminars in Calgary, Alberta, Canada .

Our staff includes certified instructors who teach Performance management training seminars in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

AMI performance management training seminars include:


Performance Management Fundamentals

This course presents proven process technologies for supervisors, managers, and executives to achieve measurable and sizable organizational results by managing your most critical resource, your people. Read more

"This President's Mastery Level Award is given to Mr. Tony Parrottino for his outstanding contributions in training and application of a world-class Performance Management process."

                                                                                                                Jeff Lipton, President, Nova Corporation of Alberta

Performance Planning for Business

When we systematically seek to manage human performance we are seeking the positive changes in behaviors that produce the specific business results we want from our performers. If leaders or managers really want or need a change in performance the first critical success factor is to pinpoint your expectations (Critical results and behaviours) Your first step in planning for performance. Read more

Mr. Parrottino has honed his knowledge of Performance Management through coaching and mentoring leaders in companies ranging from head office workers in the Gas Pipeline industry to trade workers in Forestry Product Manufacturing.”

                                                                                                                Terry Clarke, C.I.O., Husky Energy

Performance Measurement Techniques

Learn how to build human performance measures from the first steps of a pinpointed performance plan (Critical results and behaviors). This performance management training seminar will teach subjects how to develop objective performance data to gauge progress and measurement of pinpointed performance plans. (Critical results and behaviors) Read more

"AnMar Management's applications and training on pinpointing and measuring Performance Management technologies has tremendously helped our Investment Banking team members understand precisely what each job role was accountable for, and how to measure it precisely."
                                                                                                                Dave Cheadle, Senior Analyst, Canaccord Adams



Performance Management System Audit

A performance management system audit is a systematic performance measurement approach to identify the best performance improvement opportunities within your business. A performance audit can help your organization clearly identify the greatest performance improvement opportunities, how you would measure those opportunities, and what are the potential financial implications to your business.

Performance Management Consulting

The performance management experts at AnMar Management Inc. have applied powerful process technologies like performance management in a variety of industries for over fourteen years. Our performance management consulting service is primarily focused on achieving validated business results by applying proven and positive behavioral change technologies for sizable results.

Management in companies rarely question the investment value of “instrument technologies” like computers, new work processes, or quality materials, to help people deliver results. But what if there is a technology that helps people know precisely what to do, when to do it, and as often as required - a “human technology”?
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What would the investment value of a behavior-based technology, or a human performance technology, be to achieving business results?

Leaders and managers who recognize the value of applying a behavior-based technology to their business stand to gain the best competitive advantage of all.

Call AMI at (403) 233-2954 for performance management system audits, and performance management consulting
and performance management training seminars in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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